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A Pamphlet against R

Computational Intelligence in Guile Scheme

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Welcome to the Pamphlet

R is a programming language that has been gaining popularity in the domains such as machine learning and artificial intelligence over the recent years. It has been praised for its simplicity and elasticity, and its creators were even assigned a rockstar status.

In my pamphlet, I claim that this "blazing new technology" is actually a step backwards in the development of the domains that it tries to tackle, and the better means of expression, or better tools for doing the job, were available at least since the 70's, and that recently they are only getting better.

The pamphlet explores and expresses various computational intelligence methods using Guile, a very pleasant implementation of the Scheme programming language.

So if you like the R programming language, I encourage you to grab the PDF version of the Pamphlet right now to get a broader perspective on programming. If you dislike it, then I encourage you even more.

Latest news! For those who use e-book readers, an e-book-reader-friendly version is available!

Also, make sure to get the libraries needed to run the examples.